Contemporary Woman Festival Tuzla networked hundreds of women who continue to write successful stories

Contemporary Woman Festival Tuzla networked hundreds of women who continue to write successful stories

By senid on July 15, 2019 in news

The Contemporary Woman Festival in Tuzla brought together more than a thousand of women booths, participants, and visitors. Through the platform of open dialogue, the decisive and inspirational stories of the most successful lady of the region were told. Through the themes of life from politics and economics through culture, media, business to blogger, Festival celebrated success and motivated women. A clear message was sent: everything can be done with much effort, desire, work, love, but with also why the Festival lives and exists: networking women around the world.

This was achieved through the OWEN Summit, which was organized in partnership with women’s associations from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary under the auspices of the Visegrad Fund. This event, which was unique for connecting women entrepreneurs, encouraging numerous partnerships and joint ventures, continued to live after the Contemporary Woman Festival. Success stories of women who met through the Festival and the great OWEN workshops continue to be written worldwide.
“I think that is very important that you like your job. Because, my job is my hobby. I think that it is important that every morning when I het up I said: “Yes, I will meet this people and I am looking forward!” So, I think it is very important that we can do whatever we want but step by step, not immediately. But we have to do it, for example one year, two years, it doesn’t matter and believe in ourselves. Also, it is very important to have support of friends and people around.”, said Hana Kočkova during the OWEN Summit, a businesswoman standing in front of the company “Doucime-Naucime” from Czech Republic.

The fear of getting into something new, something that is usually considered a “male” job, certainly exists. Nevertheless, through the Contemporary Woman Festival and OWEN Summit workshops, a message that women must be brave and courageous was sent.

“Challenge yourself at men business field and do not be afraid of step up into men business. Even traditional men positions are accessible to women.”, Jana Baranova pointed out, Business manager of “Europa Trade Market s.r.o.” from Slovakia.

The Festival has succeeded in showing that communion is one of the most important links in success, and networking a women task that everyone must understand seriously and devotedly work on establishing cooperation with other women around the world.

“It’s very important that we keep contact with each other and this is fantastic opportunity to get to know each other and we are taking the message home and hope that we shall continue the contact with each other. People in Tuzla are very friendly, they smile and for me it’s a great honor to be part of this Festival.”, Eva Horvath concluded, president of “Women’s Entrepreneurial Club of Győr-Moson-Sopron County Chamber of Commerce and Industry” from Hungary.

For those who have missed the chance to be part of the Contemporary Woman Festival in Tuzla, to get to know the brilliant women and cooperative with them, we have great news. The third Contemporary Woman Festival is announced for June 2020. Great spectacle is waiting for us, so note in the calendar: June in Tuzla – The open city of women’s success and creativity.
Until then, read about the great experiences of the participants at this year OWEN Summit in the “Blue Book” that will show you how we socialize and learn from each other.
“Blue Book” is available by clicking HERE.

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