NGO Radio Kameleon Open Network for Human Rights and Democracy

NGO Radio Kameleon Open Network for Human Rights and Democracy is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, established in 2003 with a clear mission to inspire and contribute to positive changes in BH society through cultural, sport, and socio economic projects, promotions, and events. Today we are an organization with influence supporting the development of ​​free entrepreneurship and the development of a positive entrepreneurial atmosphere in B&H. Fifteen-year long working experience means that we have an exceptional knowledge of the business climate in B&H.  We strive to be always innovative, and creative, bringing world standards into our communication channels, giving projects an attractive and current content, aware that our success is the success of our projects.  On our resume, we have been pioneers in most actions, projects that we have designed and organized in close cooperation with local, state and international partners, sponsors and donors. Extending partnerships with organizations from V4 countries would further our network and knowledge in best practices in the field of female entrepreneurship in particular.

We have organized numerous large regional projects of business, cultural and educational character. Project BH Gazelle Business Award presented successful stories of BH Enterprise. During the 5 years of this project we have worked with over 1000 SME’s, connecting them into a network and moving the limitation of the existing market in B&H. In 2016, project SuperWoman began promoting successful women and building new role models for new generations. This project in 2018 grew into the largest regional festival dedicated to women. At 10 venues in Tuzla, we brought together over 100 speakers and 1000 participants to talk about numerous subjects concerning women. At the core was partnership with women business associations from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. The success of this Festival gives us the momentum to build further partnerships and expand our WE network.