getREADY Lab pre budúcnosť

getREADY – Future Lab, Slovakia

Since 2009 member of the Top Center of Women Entrepreneurs – empowering women and their cooperation; In 2013 we had organized first European Day of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers in Bratislava with participation of women from 11 European countries and USA (conference was organized by TCP); In 2013 – 2014 board members of TCP; In 2015 we launched a new initiative Kod PORADA (Code name: MEETING) – events are designed to address all women who are interested in the world around them, have desire to grow and ambition to set life to their own satisfaction, want to meet inspiring people and survive in the world overwhelmed with information. So far we have organized 6 events.

Business & Professional Women CZ

Czech Republic

Business and Professional Women CR (BPWCR) is a Czech non-profit organization, founded in 2010 and has more than 200 active women members. It takes part of international federation covering more than 90 countries, with more than 50.000 members worldwide cooperating from 1930 and has an advisory status by the UN and participative status with the Council of Europe. Its members are influential women in leading positions, businesswomen and managers. The main BPW objective is to help women stay professionals in their economic, political and social life. We reach this goals through networking, mentoring and lifelong learning. Our members are mentoring the Young BPW´s and those are showing results on the biggest conference for thousands women in Czech Republic called Equal Pay Day. See more on or

Magyar Női Karrierfejlesztési Szövetség

Association for Women’s Career Development, Hungary

In 2003 the Founders of the AWCDH identified the need for a non-governmental organization to help promote women’s equality by working with and fostering the cooperation between organizations dealing with women’s issues, by taking an active role in the formulation of a common platform and helping to promote equal opportunities for women active in all major sectors of life. The AWCDH, founded in 2003, aims to advance the dialogue between the legislature, the government, the corporate and non-profit spheres, higher education, and all potential stakeholders of AWCDH to meet economic, social, cultural and educational challenges. The AWCDH has organized over 30 international conferences as well as many meetings and workshops since its foundation. They have also initiated „Women’s Career Lifetime Achievement Award” founded in 2013 and “Best Workplace for Women Award” founded in 2007.,,